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Proconnect Prowise Presenter is packed with useful functionalities for digital learning. You start with the basics: writing, typing and inserting images and videos. Then you grow to become an expert and make lessons interactive with a quiz or virtual maths race.

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Open the file manager and select 'New ProQuiz' to create a new quiz. Add title pages for structure and enter your questions. Enter the question, perhaps add an image or illustration for clarification and enter the weight of the question.

Tools, 3D-Modelle und Videos. Machen Challenge them to create a digital mind map and activate their prior knowledge with an interactive quiz. Trigger pupils to learn from and with each other through play. Enrich their imagination and the way they perceive the world with 3D content. Prowise Presenter is the software package to connect teachers and pupils.

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In deze video wordt getoond hoe je een quiz maakt in de digibord-software van Prowise.

Ook handig: Quiz formats, This allows you to connect Prowise Presenter to student devices and allow them to vote directly into the presentation. Proconnect will work on any internet-enabled device. There’s apps for Android and iOS devices, or you can connect via any browser by going to
Een onderdeel van de Design interactive lessons and presentations with Prowise Presenter. Use the educational content we prepared for you in the media library to enrich your less.
Quiz invoegen in huidig presenter What is Prowise Presenter? Thanks to Prowise Presenter, lessons and presentations can be created quickly, easily and interactively. Presenter is packed with educational content and interactive options for teachers (instruction), groups (collaborative learning) and students (completing assignments).
prowise presentator quiz