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FenderTec is in staat om As an industry leader of the pneumatic fenders, Yokohama has contributed in establishing a new standard by providing technical expertise derived from our long years of experience. Needless to say, all Yokohama fenders are in full compliance with ISO
High Standard Pneumatic YOKOHAMA Floating Fenders was developed in based on our rubber technology for automotive tires and rubber aircraft fuel tanks. Our fenders are used in the various applications including ship-to-ship operations, ports and terminals and have proven its quality and performance.

Fendertec is one of Used m x m Yokohama Fenders Repair kits are available: Small (Up to meters diameter) ~ Large (m dia. – m dia.) Download Fender Size Chart When mooring under rough weather conditions, a ship is subjected to wave action, especially to swell, causing the ship to be moved up and down, back and forth and left to right at the quay.

Ship to Ship fender, All our quality Yokohama type fenders are in accordance with the ISO standard. All standard size Yokohama type fenders are available from stock for fast delivery. Fast shipping for all European and Worldwide deliveries. Competitive pricing on all types of Yokohama pneumatic fenders.

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All our Yokohama Pneumatic Fenders are manufactured and tested comply with ISO ×m Yokohama Type Pneumatic Fenders with tire net. ×m Yokohama Type Pneumatic Fenders Body. Hyro Type Yokohama Pneumatic Fenders. Sling Type Yokohama Pneumatic Fenders.

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Pneumatic fenders are available from mm to 4, mm in diameters, and from mm to 9, mm in length. All sizes of pneumatic rubber fenders are available as sling-type or with a heavy-duty chain & tire net. We also supply vertical hydropneumatic fenders for submarines. Foam filled fenders are floating fenders too.

Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Floating

PNEUMATIC FENDERS. Anchor Marine stocks Pneumatic Fenders are available in a variety of sizes and performances. We are a Yokohama fender Authorized Dealer. Click Below for the Full Pneumatic Fenders Catalog.

dimensie yokohama fenders
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