Ta qi nonen betekenis

ta qi nonen betekenis

Qi to nonen ·

Short for "të qifsha nënën" (in Gheg: "ta qifsha nãnën/nõnën" ~ "ta kajsha nãnën/nõnën"); të (“ your ”) qij (“ fuck, hew ”) + -fsha (“ I may ”) (optative marker) nënë (“ mother ”) + -n (accusative marker). Pronunciation. IPA: /(tə) c͡ɕifˈʃaː nənən/, /(tə) cifˈʃaː nənən/.
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"slop" - vertaling Nederlands Reference: Anonymous. se po ta qi nanen eh. i think i'm going to kill my grandmother. Last Update: Usage Frequency: 1. Quality: Reference: Anonymous. ta qi nanen o mut ropt ngoj a u bo. Last Update:

Slopen ; demolisher {znw.} · ta qi nonen A way to start a friendly conversation with a fellow Albanian friend. - Ta qi nonen, how are you today? - Fine, ta qi nonen! by XxXsUpErCaTsNiPeRXxX Aug Get the ta qi nonen mug. Boost your LinkedIn page on Urban Dictionary in just 3 clicks More random definitions.
De Nobele Koran, ook Ta qifsha nonen Means motherfucker in norwegian. Yo steven is such a shit person - not steven Ta qifsha nonen! I hate him so much! - friend of not steven by Cum_eater Get the Ta qifsha nonen.

Z. ta ng, Ietan,

Contextual translation of "ta qi mre nonen" into English. Human translations with examples: se p, pederat, ta qi ropt, qi ne byth, ta qi mamin, qi to sister.
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