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Top cast Edit Mark Wahlberg Mike Williams Kurt Russell Jimmy Harrell Douglas M. Griffin Captain Landry James DuMont O'Bryan Joe Chrest David Sims Gina Rodriguez Andrea Fleytas Brad Leland Bob Kaluza John Malkovich Don Vidrine David Maldonado Kuchta (as Dave Maldonado) JD Evermore Dewey A. Revette Ethan Suplee Jason Anderson Jason Pine.

Deepwater horizon oorzaak Mark Wahlberg as Mike Williams [6] Gina Rodriguez as Andrea Fleytas Kurt Russell as Jimmy "Mr. Jimmy" Harrell John Malkovich as Donald Vidrine Ethan Suplee as Jason Anderson Kate Hudson as Felicia Williams Dylan O'Brien as Caleb Holloway Jason Kirkpatrick as Dale Burkeen Henry Frost as Shane Roshto.

Deepwater horizon schuldige Mark Wahlberg Mike Williams Kurt Russell Jimmy Harrell John Malkovich Vidrine Gina Rodriguez Andrea Fleytas Dylan O'Brien Caleb Holloway Kate Hudson Felicia Williams Jeremy Sande Adam Weise Henry.

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Actor Mark Wahlberg (left) and his character's real-life counterpart, Mike Williams (right), on the.
Deepwater horizon trailer Cast Mark Wahlberg Kurt Russell John Malkovich Gina Rodriguez Dylan O'Brien Kate Hudson Ethan Suplee Trace Adkins Brad Leland Joe Chrest More Like This Coming Soon Queen Cleopatra As Egypt's last pharaoh, Cleopatra fights to protect her throne, family and legacy in this docudrama featuring reenactments and expert interviews.
Deepwater horizon kijken Deepwater Rescue Swimmer: Robert Lovett Deck Hand: Frédéric North Helicopter Pilot (as.
deepwater horizon film cast

Deepwater horizon netflix

But the film also shows the employees taking quick heroic action when in reality many were unprepared and overwhelmed by the incident. Take Andrea Fleytas, played by Gina Rodriguez, who.

Deepwater horizon wiki Jason Kirkpatrick. Aaron Dale Burkeen.