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The Velaro Novo is the latest in high-speed rail technology. Developed with decades of high-speed rail expertise in mind, the Velaro Novo brings to the market one of the most digital and seamless trains on the market. It combines proven technology with future-oriented innovations and increases value sustainably over the entire lifecycle thanks.

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The Velaro Novo is Siemens's concept for the next generation of high speed train. It was announced in June , and the first sets could be in service in Velaro Novo would be lighter and more efficient than previous designs, with a top speed of km/h ( mph).


The Velaro Novo is the train for everyone that wants a competitive edge in global high-speed and intercity transportation. The approach? A rethink: Focus on possibilities, not problems to solve current and future challenges facing the mobility sector.
Br408 db The Velaro Novo from Siemens Mobility is a systematic further development of three Velaro generations. Numerous innovations in details have made the new high-speed train a unique, highly efficient concept that consumes up to 30 percent less energy and clearly reduces investment and maintenance costs.

Br 407 Velaro D auf der InnoTrans , Baureihe der Deutschen Bahn Velaro (abgeleitet vom spanischen Ausdruck velocidad alta für „Hochgeschwindigkeit“) [1] ist eine Familie von Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen, hergestellt von Siemens Mobility. Velaro ist eine eingetragene Marke der Siemens AG. [2].
velaro novo wiki

Eurostar materieel Siemens Velaro is a family of high-speed electric multiple unit trains built by Siemens and used in Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Russia, and Turkey. The Velaro is based on the ICE 3M/F high-speed trains manufactured by Siemens for the Deutsche Bahn (DB.

Ice treinstellen ' Peregrine Falcon ', known as Velaro RUS EVS) is a Russian gauge high speed electric express train. The train is a Siemens Velaro model, which in turn is based on the ICE 3 M/F high-speed trains manufactured by Siemens for the German Deutsche Bahn (DB), known as the Siemens Velaro RUS.

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