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Wie is noffel Sun Feb 20 - The Supreme Court has referred an issue of law raised in proceedings brought by convicted Dutch criminal Naoufal Fassih arising out of his extradition from Ireland to.
Cedric r The court in Amsterdam sentenced Amsterdam gang leader Naoufal F. to 18 years in prison on Thursday. The court considers it proven that he ordered a failed assassination attempt on Peter R. in Diemen in , reports.

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The investigation came to light in , after Naoufal F., better known by the alias “Noffel,” was arrested in Ireland that April. He was found in possession of a passport which was forged in The Hague. F. has since been sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in a murder in Almere.

Noffel fassih The two suspects are thought to have been asked to commit the killing by a gang member Naoufal F, known as ‘Noffel’, who is in jail for another murder attempt. In January, foreign minister Stef Blok told MPs that the Dutch AIVD secret service had ‘strong indications’ that Iran was involved in the killing of Motamed and that of Iranian.
naoufal f amsterdam
Rico de chileen Weinig journalisten komen op de druilerige maandagmorgen naar het Paleis van Justitie aan het IJdok in Amsterdam. Op het programma staat een getuigenverhoor. Het sujet dat gehoord wordt is Naoufal F., een jarige Amsterdammer. F zit niet in de zittingszaal, maar in Ierland. Ierland? Dat zit zo.

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The first attempt was in July , when they had placed a bomb under his car. This failed, because Kok found the bomb before detonation. Kok continued publishing, including a piece on 12 September the same year about Taghi, Richard R. and Naoufal F.. This led to another attempt in Amsterdam-Zuid on 8 December

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Dat levert volgens justitie extra bewijs dat de beruchte crimineel Naoufal F. (36), 'Noffel', de mislukte moordaanslag op crimineel Peter R. van afstand aanstuurde, 5 november in Diemen.
Noffel taghi Naoufal Fassih, also known as Buik (Dutch for "belly"), is a Dutch criminal of Moroccan origins. [1] [2] He has been at the centre of a longrunning feud between two Dutch crime gangs. [2] Criminal background He has criminal links to Spain, Ireland and Morocco. [2] Feud In March customs seized to kg of cocaine in Antwerp. [2].