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Boomboa Updated February 1, Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) Green tree pythons are definitely one of the reptile hobby’s rising stars. As their common name suggests, these snakes spend a great deal of time in trees. But they are not always green. They come in a wide array of colors found in both wild and captive-bred designer forms.

Groene boompython kopen 1) Biak This type of green tree python morph is described by a green body, with the shades of green greatly varying. The body is marked by asymmetrical yellow patches. 2) Aru This type of green tree python morph is characterized by a vibrantly green colored body, displaying blue blotches.

Groene boompython giftig Originating from the tropical rainforests of Australia, the green tree python (Morelia viridis) has grown in popularity as pets in recent years. These snakes are known for their beautiful colors and feisty temperament. They can live for up to 20 years in captivity if you take good care of them.

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Terrestrial snakes don’t make good subjects for rainforest terrariums, as they quickly destroy plants and props with their activity. Green tree pythons (Morelia viridis), Amazon tree boas (Corallus hortulanus) and emerald tree boas (Corallus canninus) are sedentary snakes, content to coil on elevated perchesfor extended periods of time; and thrive in rainforest terrariums.

Latijnse naam: Morelia viridis. Morelia viridis/azurea are nocturnal and completely arboreal. They spend the daylight hours resting in a characteristic coil draped over branches higher up in the canopy. At night however they become active and both males and females have been recorded traveling distances of up to m in one night.
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  • Green Tree Pythons Le terrarium d’un Morelia viridis adulte doit faire au minimum 45 x 70 x 45 cm. La hauteur OU la largeur minimale du terrarium pour un adulte doit vraiment être de 60 cm. N’hésitez pas à choisir une taille plus grande si possible, pour être sûr qu’il y soit bien loti.

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    This wide and tall terrarium tank provides spacious activity room and is suitable for ecological rainforest terrariums, amphibious terrariums, breeding tortoise, chameleon, agalychnis callidryas, nilk frog, clown frog, rhacodactylus leachianus, phelsuma m. grandis, morelia viridis, snake (ball python).
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