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Nervus obturatorius
Nervus obturatorius entrapment The Obturator Nerve Block can be used to relief painful adductor muscle contractions, to prevent adduction of the thigh during transurethral bladder surgery, additional analgesia after major knee surgery, and may provide postoperative analgesia after hamstring tendon harvest for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.
Nervus obturatorius letsel The obturator reflex is not abolished by spinal anesthesia. It can be suppressed only by a selective obturator nerve block. Neurolytic blocks with alcohol or phenol, performed with the help of a nerve stimulator and/or fluoroscopy, result in a cost-effective and effective reduction of muscle spasms.

Obturatorius loge Your obturator nerve is one of many peripheral nerves that run through your groin. It’s part of your peripheral nervous system. This system helps your brain communicate with the rest of your body. The beginning of your obturator nerve (nerve root) is in your lumbar plexus.

Nervus obturatorius

Lower-extremity nerve block techniques such as the femoral nerve block, adductor canal block, and sciatic nerve block are regularly used to reduce pain and opioid consumption for lower-extremity procedures, but recent advancements in our understanding of lower-extremity anatomy paired with increased accessibility and quality of ultrasound .

Obturatorius externus The obturator nerve provides sensory innervation to a relatively small area on the medial aspect of the knee. However, blockade of the obturator nerve can decrease opioid requirements and improve analgesia following knee replacement surgery when combined with femoral and sciatic nerve blocks.

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The obturator nerve block is used to treat hip joint pain. Another nerve responsible for part of the hip pain (outer part of the hip pain) is the femoral nerve. A block of the sensory fibers of the femoral nerve can be performed in addition to the obturator nerve block during the same procedure.
Nervus obturatorius oorsprong Ultrasound-Guided Obturator Nerve Block: A Focused Review on Anatomy and Updated Techniques This review outlines the anatomy of the obturator nerve and the indications for obturator nerve block (ONB). Ultrasound-guided ONB techniques and unresolved issues regarding these procedures are also discussed.

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Another use for this block is in patients who have hip pain. It can be used diagnostically to help identify the cause of pain because obturator nerve block may provide considerable pain relief if the nerve’s articular branch to the hip is involved in pain transmission.
obturator blok