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Scheduler - the "suspend playback I installed Winamp version Build from Oct 19th, on Windows 10 version which is the last "official" release by the new owner Radionomy from their home page and added the old plugin of the legacy desktop scrobbler which works fine with it and can be installed from the scrobbler.

Het heeft een equalizer aan The old legacy scrobbler (v) works fine but will install the plugin to Winamp plugins folder not WACUP. It will be named either " gen_wa2_ " or " ml_wa2_ " (no idea why it varies but on my Win10 PC it has the "gen" prefix, and on the Win7 PC has the "ml" prefix).

De plugin registreert automatisch Download Audioscrobbler plugins for Winamp. AudioScrobbler Plugin Download. Download Audioscrobbler Plugins. AudioScrobbler is a free service which we provide for the benefit of the wider community. However,writing and supporting the Winamp and Windows Media Player plugins takes a lot of time and effort. So if youfeel like I've done a good job.
Het idee is dat je There was a preinstalled audioscrobbler plugin on the download v build but it wasn't sending scrobbles. So I went and tried to install one from the scrobbler PC app but it now says in Winamp gen_wa2_ NOT LOADED. Tags: audioscrobbler, , scrobbling.

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Moving the included Winamp plugin of the legacy desktop scrobbler to another folder than the default one for Winamp is only necessary if you have installed Winamp anywhere else. This old Winamp plugin also works with the new WACUP version of Winamp, by the way.

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Download free plugins for Winamp in General category, all Winamp plugins directory on Winamp Heritage - Legacy resources of Winamp media player Home.

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So when Winamp is closed, the Audioscrobbler will be closed automatically, the plug-in doesn't work and isn't shown in the plug-in list you have to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Download it here: ?familyid=A5CBAB7-A40DB2AF5FC2.
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