Xenophora pallidula

xenophora pallidula

Xenophora (Xenophora) pallidula is een

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Xenophora (Xenophora) pallidula Xenophoridae, commonly called carrier shells, is a family of medium-sized to large sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the clade Littorinimorpha. According to the taxonomy of the Gastropoda by Bouchet & Rocroi () the family Xenophoridae has no subfamilies. Distribution [ edit].

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  • Xenophora is een geslacht van Xenophora pallidula (Reeve, ) Common names Blasse Lastträgerschnecke in German pallid carriersnail in English クマサカガイ in Japanese.

    Seashell Pallid Carrier Shell Xenophora pallidula The carrier shells of the family Xenophoridae are the most remarkable bunch of snails. Both their common name and their Latin name give away their uniqueness. Xenophoridae in Latin actually translates to foreign carrying. A carrier shell will cement stones, other shells, sponges, and other debris to its shell.

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    Xenophora pallidula, also known as the Pallid Carrier Shells, are relatively small, averaging about mm in length and mm in width. [2] These snails have a light appearance, usually white or off-white in color. These snails get their name from the Latin word, Xenophoridae which means “foreign carrying”.
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    Xenophora pallidula (Reeve, ) Balicasag isl. m. Xenophora cerea (Reeve, ) 55mm. Balicasag isl. Xenophora mekranensis konoi Habe, Balicasag isl. Xenophora exusta (Reeve, ) Mactan isl. Xenophora japonica Kuroda & Habe, 56 mm. Balicasag isl. Xenophora solaroides (Reeve, ) Balicasag isl. Xenophora granulosa Ponder.

    Xenophora pallidula Reeve, "CARRIER SHELL" Picture coming from Japanese BISYOGAI Shell site. Welcome in this section dedicated to our quaterly magazine Xenophora. Archives to be downloaded for N°1 to N° A General Index of Species quoted in the magazine between Issue #1 and # (during 25 years) Our magazine's name comes from the main genus of a Gastropod Family called Xenophorids.